Itinerary in a nutshell

I went into a fair bit of detail on the other itinerary, so here’s a short version:


Hong Kong
Overnight train to Nanning, China
Bus to Hanoi, Vietnam
Visit Halong Bay
Travel through Vietnam, ending in Saigon
Bus into Cambodia, to Phnom Penh, Sihanoukville & Siem Reap
Chiang Mai
Laos: Vang Vieng or Luang Prabang
Thai islands: trying to narrow down the list to about 3 (depending on how long we end up spending in Asia)
Hopefully make our way down Malaysia
End in Singapore


Road trip from Cairns to Sydney, stopping at Magnetic Island, Brisbane, and as many places with stupid names as possible
Stop off in Sydney (possibly work)
Another road trip to Melbourne (possibly work)

New Zealand’s itinerary is still “under construction”. Queenstown and Milford Sound, plus any LOTR locations.


Rio (paragliding!), possible road trip to Iguazu Falls and possibly even Beunos Aires.


(have already done a southern coast-to-coast trip of America so this is more northern)
Visit relatives in eastern B.C. and Alberta
Road trip down to San Francisco (originally we would have done this the other way around)
Yosemite National Park
Possibly give Los Angeles another chance…
Las Vegas
Looking to do a Trek America tour of national parks as I honestly think that was an incredible way to experience them (Grand Canyon, Zion Canyon, Monument Valley & perhaps others)
Salt Lake City
Mount Rushmore
New York City
Boston & New Hampshire, visit camp, the old hangouts & a few friends
Back to New York for a bus up to Toronto, visit a friend in Kitchener
Back to New York to fly home!

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