Day trips with easyJet: my alternative plan

Tuesday was supposed to be it. The day we left on our amazing adventure around the world.

People make excuses constantly for why they haven’t done what they wanted to do. They couldn’t find the time; life got in the way; they were going to get around to it eventually but it never happened. For travelling in particular, they’re scared of leaving commitments behind, or they’d rather go out for cocktails every weekend and never quite start saving. As anyone who knows me can tell you, I don’t have such things as “pipe dreams”; if I want something, I go for it, and therefore I have a very real excuse. Sure, I could just up and leave – but where is the money that I plan to use for travelling? Invested in the business, of course. So I do need to sell it, and sadly this is becoming more of a problem than I thought it would.

October 1st has come and gone, but to, err, “make up for it” (because obviously this makes up for a year-long+ trip around the world), we had a nice day out instead. In Italy.

This is now a fairly regular occurrence, thanks to easyJet and its wonderful route map, prices (this one was just £42 return!!) and schedules. Sadly, week-long holidays are a thing of the past for me at the moment – my longest trip since owning the shop has been five days, but only inside the UK. So to get away more often, I came up with this amazing and ridiculous (or “silly fantastic”, as my flatmate put it this week) idea to day trip it around Europe.

I will aim to record my experiences of each of my day trip destinations from the UK, as I see just what you can do in a city in such a short space of time – and learn many lessons about how to do it better than I did.

So, coming up very shortly: posts on Italy, Germany and Denmark (with a side order of Sweden). And wherever we decide to go next!

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