Orlando: a holiday of unabashed fun

We always said the first thing we’d do when I get out of my business, before my dream round-the-world trip, would be to book a two week holiday to Florida for a fix of rollercoasters, magic and Donald Duck. We stuck to that promise and have just returned from one of the best trips of our lives! So what if it’s the ultimate tourist trip? Who cares if it’s not the most cultural getaway you can have? This holiday was purely FUN – something that we both very much needed!

I’m going to take a break from writing about budget travel (okay, I never really started, did I? But I will after this – I mean I have time now and everything!! ACTUAL HOURS IN THE DAY!) and write a few posts about making the most of Orlando.

In two weeks, we managed to get everything done that we wanted – including swimming with beluga whales, feeding giraffes on a safari, meeting a Mexican Donald Duck, filling our Epcot passports with stamps – and everything that we didn’t expect: seeing tiny lizards everywhere, getting Ash to go on the Aerosmith rollercoaster (I’m not even sorry)… and raving with a load of Disney characters. Yes, really. I even had Daisy Duck grinding against me. Best moment ever, or something!

Read about our two weeks over the following two posts:

A Magical Time In Orlando: Week 1

A Magical Time In Orlando: Week 2

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