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My Favourite Gift This Year: My El Camino Bracelet

It was my birthday last week (one step closer to 30 – eek!) and all the post was cancelled. I can thank Orkney’s weather for that. So it was a lovely surprise this week to open a little package from one of my favourite travel gift companies, El Camino! El Camino specialises in making beautiful… Continue reading My Favourite Gift This Year: My El Camino Bracelet

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Earning Money To Travel: Online Surveys

If there’s one new years resolution you should have for 2017, it’s to save money for that dream trip. And what better way to do that than earning money from the comfort of your own home? If you’ve ever looked into ways to earn money online, you’ve probably heard of filling in surveys. A lot… Continue reading Earning Money To Travel: Online Surveys


Clazz’s 2017 Challenges

Happy new year travellers and readers! I have to say our new year was VERY different to last year! When we arrived back in the UK almost four months ago (FOUR MONTHS?!? What the hell, life?!), we had a plan to get jobs, work as much as possible, save lots, spend time with family and… Continue reading Clazz’s 2017 Challenges

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My “Best Of” 2016

Well, 2016. I believe you’ve been quite the shitter for a rather large proportion of people on the planet. Between political disasters and some seriously shocking celebrity deaths (think Alan Rickman was the worst one for me, although he’s probably sitting on a beach somewhere earning his 20%), it’s not been one of the best… Continue reading My “Best Of” 2016

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Photo Friday: My 50 Favourite Photos From 18 Months Of Travel

Happy Friday, and a very merry Christmas Eve eve! Before we delve into my best of 2016 post, I’ve been meaning to do this one for a while – a huge photo essay of our 18 month trip around the world! Throughout 2015 and 2016, we spent three months exploring South East Asia followed by… Continue reading Photo Friday: My 50 Favourite Photos From 18 Months Of Travel

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Saving Money On Your Travels Using Cashback

Cashback is not a new thing – but it’s something a lot of people forget exists. It’s a great way to save money on all your online purchases, particularly coming up to Christmas. There are a few cashback sites out there, but I rarely make a purchase online without checking TopCashback (when I don’t it’s because… Continue reading Saving Money On Your Travels Using Cashback

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Weekend Wishlist: December Deals & Competitions

Happy weekend! And welcome back to my new feature of all the best travel deals and competitions I’ve seen! Since I made my last deals & comps post, I’ve had tons of competitions coming up on my Facebook, which only serves to provide YOU guys with more! But I’ve found some brilliant deals too, including £250… Continue reading Weekend Wishlist: December Deals & Competitions

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#tbt: Hitting Two Of Europe’s “Big Cities”: Barcelona & Rome

When I owned my shop, time off was really scarce. Like, really really. Like, I went almost year without having two days off together. So when I did find the time to get out of the UK (because leaving the country was genuinely the best – and only – way to distance myself from work),… Continue reading #tbt: Hitting Two Of Europe’s “Big Cities”: Barcelona & Rome

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Weekend Wishlist: Deals & Competitions

Blah blah blah, Black Friday. There have been some really amazing deals, admittedly, but I don’t always buy into the hype. What I do buy into, however, is great deals year round, amazing competitions, and flash sales – and I often see them and want to post on here about them. Whether it’s a £10… Continue reading Weekend Wishlist: Deals & Competitions

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Why You Should Visit Orkney

Welcome to my 100th post on An Orcadian Abroad! What better way to celebrate than by writing about my own home town – the reason behind the name of my blog? Orkney is hideously overlooked when it comes to Scottish islands, particularly amongst travel bloggers, so it’s about time someone shone a light onto it.… Continue reading Why You Should Visit Orkney