Where I’ve Been

I’ve kind of given up on “country counting”. I mean, I like to keep a tally of where I’ve been, but according to the Matador map above I’ve been to 39 countries. If you count Scotland, England & Wales separately, then I’ve been to two more. If you think Gibraltar shouldn’t be counted because it’s a British territory, it’s one less. Which is it, world? And what are borders anyway? Europe has gained an inordinate amount of countries just in my lifetime.

But regardless of how many countries various platforms or governments think I’ve been to, here’s a nicely organised list of places I’ve been along with corresponding blog posts.

AND, in keeping with my obsession with maps, here’s a handy map with all my blog posts on, too!

All countries below link to their categories; all destinations within the countries link to blog posts I have written about them where applicable.


USA • 26 states • Arizona | Arkansas | California | Colorado | Connecticut | D.C. | Florida | Hawaii | Idaho | Maine | Maryland | Massachussetts | Montana | Nevada | New Hampshire (worked) | New Jersey | New Mexico | New York | Oregon | Tennessee | Texas | Utah | Vermont | Virginia | Washington | Wyoming

Not including states I’ve driven through but not stopped in like Delaware & Georgia
CANADA • 3 provinces • British Columbia (lived) | Alberta | Ontario
CAMBODIA • Phnom Penh | Siem Reap | Sihanoukville
MALAYSIA • Kuala Lumpur | Penang
THAILAND • Ayutthaya | Bangkok | Chiang Mai | Elephant Nature Park | Khanom | Koh Lanta | Koh Phangan | Koh Phi Phi | Koh Tao | Krabi | Railay | Surat Thani
VIETNAM • Hanoi | Halong | Hoi An | Hué | Nha Trang | Ninh Binh | Saigon
AUSTRALIA • 1770 | Adelaide | Agnes Water | Airlie Beach | Bowen | Brisbane (lived) | Bundaberg | Byron Bay | Cairns | Canberra | Cape Hillsborough | Cracow (lived)  | Echucha | Fraser Island | Gold Coast | Mackay | Magnetic Island | Melbourne Mildura (lived) | Mission Beach | Noosa | Port Douglas | Rainbow Beach | Rockhampton | Rutherglen | Sunshine Coast | Sydney | Townsville | Tully | Whitsundays | Wyong Creek (worked)
NEW ZEALAND • Auckland | Christchurch | Hobbiton | Kaikoura | Lake Tekapo | Milford Sound | Mount Sunday | Queenstown | Rotorua | Te Anau | Wanaka | Wellington
MOROCCO • Tangier

9 thoughts on “Where I’ve Been

    1. Ha, thanks Jason! We are working in Oz at the mo so not just holidaying! It’s the best way to do it though. 🙂

      I have just posted some tips on saving money to travel if you are interested.


  1. Hi Clazz, I’m just wondering if you have an email where I could reach you? I wasn’t able to find anything on your blog, but I would love to hear if you’re open to collab? If so, feel free to write directly to me at olivia@blogerize.com if you don’t want to publish your email here in the comments 🙂 Thanks!


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