Hello & welcome to An Orcadian Abroad! What is an Orcadian, you ask? Well, it’s someone who comes from a wild and remote collection of islands at the top of Scotland called Orkney. That someone is me, by the way.


I’m Clazz, budget traveller and adventure seeker! Nice to meet you. My lovely boyfriend up there is Ash, and together we are The Clash.

I always knew I wanted to travel – the problem? I was tied down to my own business in Sussex, England, but in 2014, I sold up shop (literally) – and now that I’m free of commitments, it’s time to make the most of it.

This blog is here to document it all; for keeping memories for myself, for keeping people I know in the loop, and hopefully, for helping people I don’t know find their way around the world. I like to keep things cheap, and I’d love to show you how you CAN afford to travel.

My Travel History

I was a late bloomer to travel. I grew up on a tiny collection of islands off the top of Scotland, known as Orkney. (not “the Orkneys”) It’s the one no one’s heard of south of Shetland. It meant that to get anywhere was a huge trek, and one that sadly my family wasn’t willing to make to get abroad.

This was a shame because despite no introduction to travel, I’ve been obsessed with maps for as long as I can remember and quickly learned most capital cities of the world while dreaming of what it would be like to visit all of them. (And Disneyland.)

My first overseas trip was a Girl Guides visit to Switzerland when I was 13, but after that, I didn’t leave the UK again until I was 17, visiting family in Canada.

And that was it.

At 17, I left home and began adventuring like I was trying to make up for lost time. Since then, I’ve lived and worked in the USA for 3 months, road tripped from New York to LA, and even once I had my business, I took weekend trips and even DAY TRIPS to Europe. In 5 years, I visited 11 countries; not bad for someone who rarely actually got two days off together!


In 2015, I finally started on my “gap year” (aged 26) adventure (extended to 19 months). We’ve taken in Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, and worked for a year in Australia to help fund the rest of the trip, which included New Zealand, the USA and Canada.


On this trip I’ve climbed mountains barefoot, snorkelled the Great Barrier Reef, had the time of my life working in an Australian outback pub, volunteered on an elephant sanctuary, meditated with a monk, hung out with kangaroos on a beach at sunrise, road tripped the Canadian Rockies, couchsurfed in New Zealand, visited Hawaii for $300, celebrated Songkran in Thailand, driven tractors on a farm, held a koala, driven a boat and managed not to kill 25 people, and spent Christmas sunbathing on a beach.

You can view all my posts on specific destinations here.


Now that we’re home, I have plenty more planned! Stay tuned for more adventures – I’d love to show you how you can fulfil your travels on the cheap!

Thanks for visiting my little fish blog in the huge sea of internet. I’d be thrilled if you followed along on my travel adventures!


Almost all photos on this blog are my own (unless otherwise specified), using a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ30 or occasionally my Samsung phone.

Want to get in touch? Please feel free to email me at clarissa.linnitt [at] gmail.com! :)

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Clazz, I have visited your blog lately and found your blog posts to be fascinating and inspiring. I am a Master student from Lancaster University and is currently working on my dissertation regarding social media and elephant trekking in Thailand. I noticed that you have read and commented on a blog post entitled ‘Why You Shouldn’t Ride Elephants In Thailand’ from Expertvagabond dated May 2, 2015. I was wondering if I could conduct an online interview with you to ask you few questions concerning the use of social media and its effects on readers’ understanding of elephant ride in Thailand. I will greatly appreciate if you can help. Thank you. Best, Leyan.


    1. Hi Leyan!! Thank you so much. :) Of course you are welcome to ask me some questions on it! After working at ENP I have some strong opinions on the industry. :P

      Feel free to email me at clarissa.linnitt@gmail.com. I don’t have wifi at the moment (just data) but will make sure I reply asap! Good luck with your dissertation, I’m interested in what it will cover!


  2. Hey Clazz, I really loved the way you have put it… simply and honestly… I also like your blogsite and the structure, the way you have arranged the layout etc. Very nice. Just wondering how come you haven’t visited INDIA yet ? Pretty big country to miss, in a way and too many languages, too many cultures… Isn’t it ?


  3. Your journeys sound thrilling! I have been blessed over the last 6 years to be able to finally fulfil a lifelong dream to travel and participate in a few adventures of my own. I never knew I had such a daredevil in me! But now she has been let out of the box, she is hungry for more. I look forward to reading more about the shape your adventures take :)


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