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Hey & welcome to my new travel tips & resources section!

I’ve been providing travel tips since I started the blog, but until now, they’ve just kind of been shoved in a corner. Here, I’m going to neatly organise it so that it’s actually USEFUL to you guys!

You’ll find resources for working holidays, packing lists, and of course plenty of budget travel tips and practical advice on how to save money and take that trip of a lifetime.

I pride myself on bagging bargains, finding fantastic flight deals and acing accommodation. Even though we often stay in hostels, I can honestly say we’ve very rarely stayed in a bad one and it’s saved us bags of money. I’ve travelled to Paris for £10 return (although that was by bus), flew to Hawaii for $300, and I’ve done a handful of fun day trips to Europe for £40 return.

I also live for street food, take overnight journeys so I can make the most of my days (AND save a night’s accommodation) and we’ve even slept in the car for free.

My best resources for finding cheap deals are:

Flights: Skyscanner, Kayak, Jack’s Flight Club (UK, although for Americans: Scott’s Cheap Flights), Secret Flying
Accommodation:, Hostelworld, Agoda (better for Asia), couchsurfing. You can find some good deals with Airbnb, but generally I try to avoid them.
Trains/buses: Megabus (UK/USA), trainline, (UK) Flixbus (Europe)

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