Photo Friday: Iceland From The Road

Surprise - I just returned from ICELAND!! Yes, after a long, long two and a half years, I finally set foot outside the UK, and I absolutely made the most of every second. If you follow me on social media, you'll know about some of the trip already - I went with a friend who… Continue reading Photo Friday: Iceland From The Road

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My Top 10 Favourite Cities

As an island girl who was raised on a farm and rarely visited anywhere larger than Aberdeen as a child, I'm not much of a city person. Things have clearly changed, given that I've lived in two cities in the past year, but still - give me a mountain or island any day, or even… Continue reading My Top 10 Favourite Cities

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10 Countries I Want To Go Back To

I've been reminiscing a lot recently. I've also been looking forward to the next few months, and the realisation that I'll be 30 at the beginning of next year made me think of my gradually-forgotten goal of visiting 30 countries, which I assumed would be long reached by now. The truth is, I stopped country-counting… Continue reading 10 Countries I Want To Go Back To

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#tbt: Iceland Was Everything I Expected And More

Iceland was one of those countries that had always been sitting quietly on my bucket list – I knew I would have to visit one day, and not just for the northern lights that everyone chases; but I had so many mainland European countries and cities that kept pipping it to the post every time… Continue reading #tbt: Iceland Was Everything I Expected And More