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2019: My Year In Review

2019 has been all about the next huge step of our lives. It's been about accepting the end of long-term travel adventures and embracing the new adventure of finding our forever home. For us, it was always going to be Edinburgh. We've been low-key planning to move to Edinburgh for pretty much the past decade… Continue reading 2019: My Year In Review


A Getaway In Galway, Ireland’s Colourful City

I felt an overwhelming sense of calm as we made our way across Ireland to the charming city of Galway. I knew I'd made the right decision - instead of a day over in Dublin, I'd planned out a full weekend to include Galway, too. The nice thing about Galway was that I had nothing… Continue reading A Getaway In Galway, Ireland’s Colourful City


A Day In Dublin: How To Have Fun When You Don’t Like Guinness

Earlier this month, I finally made it to Ireland! It seems crazy that after jetting off all over the world, I have only just set foot on our neighbouring isle for the first time. I have to admit - I wasn't sure what to expect from Dublin, but it was definitely a city that took… Continue reading A Day In Dublin: How To Have Fun When You Don’t Like Guinness


12 First Impressions Of Ireland

I can't believe I had never been to Ireland. We just spent the weekend across the water exploring one of our closest neighbours and had an absolutely great time. I realise that it's ridiculous to write a blog post of first impressions (especially twelve of them) of a country that we spent two days in, but… Continue reading 12 First Impressions Of Ireland