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Glencoe Hikes, Glenfinnan Bridges & Scottish Castles

A few months ago, my friend and I set off on a week-long adventure around Scotland. My friend had wanted to do the North Coast 500 road trip; and being that she had never been to Scotland outside of Edinburgh, I wanted to make sure we hit up some of the highlights of my beautiful… Continue reading Glencoe Hikes, Glenfinnan Bridges & Scottish Castles

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2019: My Year In Review

2019 has been all about the next huge step of our lives. It's been about accepting the end of long-term travel adventures and embracing the new adventure of finding our forever home. For us, it was always going to be Edinburgh. We've been low-key planning to move to Edinburgh for pretty much the past decade… Continue reading 2019: My Year In Review

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A Festive Weekend In York

York is one of those wonderfully quintessential English cities that manages to capture the imagination in a way that, to be honest, not many English cities do. We first visited in 2017 for a couple of hours, and again this summer for a couple of hours. Seeing a pattern? Us too, and it needed to… Continue reading A Festive Weekend In York

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Photo Friday: 40 Amazing Views From The NC500 Road Trip In Scotland

"I can't believe how many mountains there are in Scotland!" my friend squealed as we turned another corner to yet another amazing view. The North Coast 500 had blown both of us away - my friend, because she hadn't visited Scotland outside of Edinburgh and had no idea how beautiful it all is; and me,… Continue reading Photo Friday: 40 Amazing Views From The NC500 Road Trip In Scotland


A Day Wandering Beautiful Vienna

When I think of visiting Austria, I don't necessarily think of Vienna. I think of Salzburg and the Sound Of Music, or the Alpine city of Innsbruck, or more recently, the phenomenally pretty town of Hallstatt (if you don't know it, I suggest you google it immediately). Meanwhile, my mum, as seldom as she ever… Continue reading A Day Wandering Beautiful Vienna


I Didn’t Expect Bratislava To Be So Pretty

A couple of months before I found myself taking a detour through Bratislava on my way home from the Balkans, I watched EuroTrip for the first time. If you haven't seen this totally ridiculous, slapstick stupid American comedy, what were you even doing in the 00's? Me? I was listening to Scotty Doesn't Know, but… Continue reading I Didn’t Expect Bratislava To Be So Pretty

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Sunshine, Lakes & Statues In North Macedonia

When I think of countries that I know I'll visit eventually, Macedonia (now North Macedonia) would never have made that list. In fact, a year ago, if you'd asked me what the capital of Macedonia is, I might have been able to guess, though I couldn't have told you with confidence how it's pronounced, but… Continue reading Sunshine, Lakes & Statues In North Macedonia