In case you’re reading this site and wondering what on earth an “Orcadian” even is, it’s someone who comes from this wild and wonderful collection of islands off the top of Scotland.

Not enough blogs talk about Orkney, and it’s time that changed. We have more history than most places in the world, we have landscapes that are consistently rated as inspiration for creatives, we have wildlife on every corner of the coast, and we have some of the best sunsets on the planet. You can see the northern lights here, you can visit a 5,000-year-old village (that’s older than the pyramids!), and you can find a ton of views like this.

Windwick, Orkney, Scotland

If you’re wondering why Orkney remains so underrated – so am I. To be honest, most of us Orcadians quite like the fact we are such a well-kept secret, but the truth is getting out and its popularity is blowing up year on year.

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