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My Favourite Gift This Year: My El Camino Bracelet

It was my birthday last week (one step closer to 30 – eek!) and all the post was cancelled. I can thank Orkney’s weather for that. So it was a lovely surprise this week to open a little package from one of my favourite travel gift companies, El Camino!

El Camino specialises in making beautiful bracelets with “steps” (or charms) to collect your favourite countries and places around the world. I received a bracelet for Christmas along with a couple of steps – so people know what to buy me for years now!

El Camino travel bracelet

Ash completely surprised me this week, though.

He had a custom step made for me with “Bluetongue Backpackers”, our home in Australia for six months!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!

I’ve always loved the idea of El Camino bracelets – they remind me of a “backpacker” version of a Pandora charm bracelet, but much cheaper (£8.99 per step), and more personalised! It’s definitely more me.

You can choose from a single or a double bracelet in a bunch of different colours and sizes. I have the double, which means it goes round my wrist twice (and I can fit lots more steps on it!). They’re not cheap at £21.99 for a single, but they are really superb quality.

As well as countries, they also do smaller steps with cities or landmarks, so you really can get any place that means something to you. You can tell 1,000 stories on your wrist, or just keep all your travel memories close.

There are also region steps to add a pop of colour to your bracelet, plus each step comes with a spacer made of coconut.


Picture from El Camino’s Facebook

Best of all, it’s not a corporate company. It was born from the minds of two travellers, Tom from England and Candace from Canada, and continues to work with local craftsmen. It’s all locally made, and even better, they’re based just outside the small town of Banbury, Oxfordshire, where my Dad and his family grew up, and where my sister and various other relatives still live! So it feels like I’m really supporting something local with these guys.

El Camino bracelets have been on my wishlist for years – hopefully they’ll make it onto yours, too! And if you’re looking for a unique gift to buy that globetrotting friend who never seems to want anything? I think this is a fab solution!

Just a quick disclaimer: El Camino did not ask me to write this post. I genuinely love their product and I have no doubt that you would, too!

To make things better, you can get discounts with them on their website. Save 5% when you spend £30 with discount code Travel5. Save 10% when you spend £75 with discount code Travel10. Save 15% when you spend £150 with discount code Travel15.

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