Photo Friday: Autumn Is So Beauti-fall In Perthshire

As the world continues to crumble around us, I can’t help but notice the beauty that emerges. The people standing up and trying to make the world a better place. Those who stand up for those who are not being heard. Amongst the chaos, there are still trickles of good in the world that, no matter how much shit is thrown against them, just will not dry up. Good people will always be there, ready to help the world, and to be honest that’s what’s really keeping me going at the moment.

And now that we’re stuck indoors a lot more again (pubs and restaurants have been closed again in Edinburgh for most of this month), it’s been harder to see the beauty outside even in nature. We’re lucky in that we have been able to get outdoors at the weekends while we still can (because not only do we never know when things will change again, but the days are getting ever shorter), and even more thankfully, it’s meant that we’ve caught Scotland in its glorious autumn coat more than once recently.

If you want to find somewhere that gives New England a run for its money, look no further than Perthshire.

I shared a couple of photos at the end of my last post, but I was hoping to have the opportunity to capture some more autumnal scenes before the season is out.

I don’t know if it’s because of everything going on that we are seeking any beauty where we can find it – but I swear Scotland has been even more colourful than usual this year!

Here are some of the best places to find epic fall foliage in Scotland.

The Hermitage

Autumn fall colours in Perthshire, Scotland

A few weeks ago, we headed up to The Hermitage to take a wander through the woods and get right into nature. The Hermitage is lovely as there are several waterfalls to walk to, as well as picturesque follies and a trail up to one of those viewpoints that looks FAR better in real life than in photos! (Luckily everything else looks AMAZING in photos!)

Autumn fall colours in Perthshire, Scotland

This was only the start of autumn. I wanted to catch it at its peak.

And so we found ourselves in Pitlochry last weekend for the height of dazzling colours. I don’t say this lightly, but it was one of the most colourful drives I’ve ever done. Endless rows of yellow, orange and brown across hill tops in all directions. I’ve always wanted to visit New England in fall, and here I was just an hour from home in a panoramic scene that wouldn’t be out of place in New Hampshire or Vermont.

But unfortunately, I was driving – which means no photos. I should have got Ash to film it!

But Pitlochry.


Pitlochry is one of my absolute favourite towns in Scotland, but we’ve never visited at this time of year (a huge oversight, it turns out). Usually there’s an event called the Enchanted Forest going on, which is exactly how it sounds. This year, for reasons everyone can guess, it’s not running.

We took a walk around the extremely picturesque Loch Faskally, which, despite having been to Pitlochry countless times (by countless I mean at least ten) and the loch being one of the town’s key features, I had never even done.

Loch Faskally is… outstanding in autumn. Even on a dull day (perhaps especially on a dull day), the colours popped out of the scenery.

The walk is mostly through the woods, and this time it was right on the cusp between all the leaves being orange and on the trees, and all the leaves being orange and on the ground. It was the perfect mix – colour EVERYWHERE.

My parents’ dogs loved it too!

Back to the loch – because who DOESN’T love reflection photos? (I took way too many of these!)

I think it’s safe to say Perthshire is the place to go for autumn colours!

The only place I still need to check out is just up the road from Pitlochry – Killiecrankie looks absolutely incredible for fall foliage, and arguably the best place in Scotland for it. I’ll definitely be checking it out – but I think it’ll have to be next year now!

But although I don’t have any photos to share with you from Killiecrankie (seriously, Google it!), those are probably the top three places in Scotland to visit in autumn.

Autumn fall colours in Perthshire, Scotland

Have you been managing to check out the fall colours where you are?

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22 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Autumn Is So Beauti-fall In Perthshire

  1. Just love these photos! They are so beautiful! I think I am appreciating autumn more this year than ever before. Just getting out and going for walks is much needed during these times!


  2. Fabulous photos of an absolutely beautiful place. We’ve spent months and months in Pitlochry over the past few years and love it there, definitely knocks New England out of the park for us. Amazing place.


  3. Spectacular photos, Clazz. I’ve driven through Perthshire at other times of the year and can imagine it being stunning in autumn – it obviously is! When you make it to Killiecrankie, don’t forget to check out the Soldier’s Leap! 🙂


  4. Wow! The colors are so vibrant and really do pop! I’ve been to New England in the fall and yes Scotland is right up there as outstanding fall foliage. There isn’t any fall foliage or minimal where I live, so I’d love the ability to see this one day!


  5. The colours are amazing. Pitlochy sounds like a great place, I love the reflective pictures in the loch too. I’m enjoying getting outdoors and seeing some of the beauty of the countryside recently, but I need to find more autumn colours like this


  6. You know I had the same feeling about the colours here this year. They seemed more vibrant. Maybe it’s because I’m usually away around this time of year. Loved your photos throughout. The forest with the stairs was stunning.


  7. Pretty amazing pictures! I love Autumn (it’s a season welcomed by many South Africans – especially after the long and hot Summers we have here) … but must admit, your autumn are much more spectacular than ours 😁


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