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7 Coastal Walks In Orkney You Need To Take

2017 is the year I've dedicated to exploring home. We are lucky in Orkney to have so much history, loads of islands, and possibly my favourite part: lots of coastal walks. I was starting to realise that the sheer number of walks on our little Scottish island that involve stunning cliffs and rugged coastal scenery… Continue reading 7 Coastal Walks In Orkney You Need To Take

orkney · scotland · united kingdom

Why You Should Visit Orkney

Welcome to my 100th post on An Orcadian Abroad! What better way to celebrate than by writing about my own home town - the reason behind the name of my blog? Orkney is hideously overlooked when it comes to Scottish islands, particularly amongst travel bloggers, so it's about time someone shone a light onto it.… Continue reading Why You Should Visit Orkney