A Day In Beautiful Seville, Spain

While I was on the Algarve, I kept hearing the same things over and over again: Seville is AMAZING. To be honest, I have never really "got" Spain from my previous trips to Barcelona and the border towns by Gibraltar, but everyone was telling me that Seville was beautiful and absolutely worth visiting. On my… Continue reading A Day In Beautiful Seville, Spain


#tbt: A Birthday Break To Greece

One thing Ash is absolutely passionate about when it comes to history is Greek mythology, so in the hunt for a birthday present a few years ago I naturally dug around for some cheap flights and treated him to a hotel break in the heart of Greek history: Athens! (am I the best girlfriend ever or… Continue reading #tbt: A Birthday Break To Greece

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#tbt: Hitting Two Of Europe’s “Big Cities”: Barcelona & Rome

When I owned my shop, time off was really scarce. Like, really really. Like, I went almost a year without having two days off together. So when I did find the time to get out of the UK (because leaving the country was genuinely the best - and only - way to distance myself from… Continue reading #tbt: Hitting Two Of Europe’s “Big Cities”: Barcelona & Rome

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#tbt: The Only Time I’ve Been Abroad With My Parents

I was not brought up into a travelling family. Which is strange because my mum can speak some French and regales many tales of a trip she took with Dad to Amsterdam, and I've seen some great pictures of her in Paris. But somewhere along the way, they settled down into farming and haven't been… Continue reading #tbt: The Only Time I’ve Been Abroad With My Parents


#tbt: My First Ever Trip Abroad to Switzerland

It's been a while since I did a #throwbackthursday post. So I suppose this is a throwback to my throwback posts, as well as being my ultimate throwback post because this one's about the first time I ever went abroad. I was actually a late bloomer to travel. Being from the literal middle of nowhere… Continue reading #tbt: My First Ever Trip Abroad to Switzerland

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#tbt: That Time We Went to Europe to See a Band

It's our sixth anniversary on Tuesday, so I thought I'd write a post on Ash and I's first trip abroad together. I'd like to think of it as a poignant moment of our relationship - we actually planned it before we even got together; it's partly what brought us together, and the band is the whole… Continue reading #tbt: That Time We Went to Europe to See a Band

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#tbt A Mediterranean Adventure: Gibraltar & Morocco

I always put some really peculiar things on my travel bucket list. One of the first things that crawled its way onto it was visiting Gibraltar to get the shortest ferry across the Mediterranean sea to Morocco - what a perfect little mix of British, European and Arabian culture. Plus, you know, Gibraltar is full… Continue reading #tbt A Mediterranean Adventure: Gibraltar & Morocco