Photo Friday: Melbourne Street Art

Melbourne’s street art is hardly a secret, but I loved discovering it.


First we stumbled across one of the laneways somewhere between Elizabeth Street and Swanston Street.

Then we headed to Hosier Lane, one of the most famous streets for its art – and it’s easy to see why the second you step into it.



Is it bad that the spelling mistake is REALLY annoying me? This would be awesome otherwise, but it’s quite ironic given the message!


Ash checking out some aRtz.


We almost missed this one altogether, despite its size. I just happened to turn around as we were walking down…

And not all of it is graffiti, either.


Some of it is really weird stuff.


It’s… one Barbie with a rat body and a Barbie face, and another Barbie with a Barbie body and a rat face. And it’s sideways on a building. This was close to a similar “exhibit” of a tank pointing at Minnie Mouse.

Close to Hosier Lane is AC/DC Lane. I wanted to visit just for the name. I didn’t realise how cool it would be…


Even the sign has a lightning bolt.

P1040019 P1040022


After getting out of that back alley, we found Croft Alley, home to the famous Croft Institute venue.




And up by the Victoria markets, we stumbled across this cool little (actually rather large) photo op.


Of course, one of the best things about this is it’s all FREE!

Which street is your favourite? Are there any totally awesome ones that we missed?

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