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Photo Friday: The Street Art Of Shoreditch, London

London never struck me as a huge city for street art. Apart from the famous Banksy artworks and the iconic Camden buildings, I couldn't have told you anything about any other murals in the city, or famous street art alleys like you have in Melbourne and San Francisco. But with the rise of the street… Continue reading Photo Friday: The Street Art Of Shoreditch, London

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Christchurch: A City Rebuilding Itself

After an incredible journey from Wellington, the ferry to Picton taking us through some stunning scenery and the bus traipsing steadily between the mountains and the wild coast, we didn't expect a lot from Christchurch. After all, this is a city still rebuilding itself from tragic earthquakes, and we weren't sure what to expect at… Continue reading Christchurch: A City Rebuilding Itself


Photo Friday: Melbourne Street Art

Melbourne's street art is hardly a secret, but I loved discovering it. First we stumbled across one of the laneways somewhere between Elizabeth Street and Swanston Street. Then we headed to Hosier Lane, one of the most famous streets for its art - and it's easy to see why the second you step into it.… Continue reading Photo Friday: Melbourne Street Art