Things I Miss About Australia

Last week marked a year since we left Australia. *splutters tea everywhere* Sorry, WHAT?!

Considering it feels like last week that we arrived in Australia, to think it’s been a year since we left the country 14 months later… my brain is struggling to comprehend whether it’s actually working.

Needless to say, there’s a lot that I miss about the land down under after spending such a long time there.

Free barbecues, Canberra, Australia

Free barbecues

Best. Invention. Ever. The free barbecue culture down under always amazed me purely because if we tried this in the UK, all of them would be vandalised within a day. Yet in Australia, not only are they kept in working order, they’re usually kept pretty clean, too. And best of all – they’re everywhere! So grab some burgers and sausages and throw ’em on the barbie, mate.

Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia


Alright, so Australia is a big place and not everywhere has perpetual sunshine (contrary to popular belief!), but if the sun isn’t out at a given moment, you won’t have to wait long before it is again. I’m back in Scotland now, so I can tell you that I MISS THAT! I miss that a lot!

Tim Tams

I mean, do we even need to discuss this?!

Tim Tams are the better version of Penguin biscuits here in the UK. I know, I know. I thought the same as you, too. “What a rip off, they’re nowhere near as good”, right? Nope. I’ve been converted. I mean, they even do a toffee apple flavour!

Cheese twisties

Along a similar vein, these bad boys are probably my favourite crisps in the world! (I’m not even a crisp fan) They taste so fake and so manufactured, but I found out I’m totally not alone on this one, so now I don’t feel so bad!

Max Brenner

Oh my GOD. I used to think “chocolate bar” meant, you know, like a Mars bar. Turns out there are BARS THAT SPECIALISE IN ALL THINGS CHOCOLATE. I don’t mean, like, a Thorntons or Belgian chocolate store. I mean literally a coffee shop that only serves up delicious chocolate pizzas and chocolate fondues to share and waffles with chocolate sauce and creamy to-die-for Italian hot chocolates and ohhhh, chocolate chocolate chocolate. Seriously, this is the dreeeeeeeeeam. Take me back at once.

(P.S. their milkshakes are also ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!)

bluetongue backpackers brisbane, beer pong, friends, australia

Hostel life

The backpacker life (it’s like a slightly less cool version of the pirate’s life). Who needs an apartment when you can live with all your friends? I honestly had the time of my life in this place, partly because it wasn’t a whirlwind couple of days packed with amazing experiences and memories. It was months of my everyday life spent with incredible people. I could come home from work and know that if I’d had a bad day, 20 people would be there to cheer me up without even trying.

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The wildlife

From a wild life to actual wildlife. Honestly, I don’t think you can get much better than Australia for it because all of their animals are so unique. There are just weird and awesome creatures everywhere! Whether it’s kangaroos bounding along in a field, a koala hidden up in a tree, a big lizard chilling out by a pond, or little lizards crawling on the walls, it was one of my faaaavourite things about Australia!

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Chicken salt

OHHHHH MY GOD!!! It sounds disgusting, doesn’t it?! IT IS NOT. IT IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD EVER.

KFC Tuesday’s

9 pieces for $9.95? Need I say more?! And guess what KFC uses? THE BEST CHICKEN SALT EVAAAARRR.

$5 Domino’s

Continuing the unhealthy-food theme, I definitely miss being able to get a takeaway pizza for £2.50! Even their most expensive pizzas are cheaper than the standard ones here!

The laid-back Australian lifestyle

The thing I loved the most about living in Australia was just everyone’s attitudes to life. I remember someone saying that you can never really tell if an Aussie is rich because you don’t really get “posh” Australians. This is probably because it’s awesome enough being a “commoner”! Less stress, no dramas and definitely no worries, mate.

Have you lived in Australia? What do YOU miss about it??

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6 thoughts on “Things I Miss About Australia

  1. Ha, people who have never lived in a hostel just don’t get this! I loved my time living in hostels in Oz and elsewhere. Most of my closest friends now (around 25 years later) are people I met in hostels so that’s the living proof that it’s an excellent way to meet wonderful people!


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