A Festive Photo Friday: Christmas In Edinburgh

And just like that, it’s December!

I’d been planning to write a Christmas guide to Edinburgh since last Christmas, but given that virtually everything is cancelled this year, from Christmas markets to drinks at the Dome, it seems a little silly to write a post all about things that aren’t even happening.

Edinburgh is still magical at Christmas, regardless. I walked home from work the other night so that I could take in some of the sights, and took a detour to the Dome, one of Edinburgh’s premier high class restaurants that always puts on a fantastic display.

There are a few things that are still going ahead this year, like the lanterns at Edinburgh Zoo, and the Christmas At The Botanics is still on, which is one of my favourite Christmas events here.

But instead of a full-blown guide, I thought I’d just share some of my favourite festive photos. And I’ve picked the right day for it – Edinburgh had its first dusting of snow today! In fact, we experienced a phenomenon called “thundersnow”, whereby we and most of Edinburgh were woken up sharply at 4.30am by the loudest clap of thunder I have EVER heard. Trust me, it takes a lot to wake me up – it sounded like a freaking sonic boom. It even made the news!

So I’m slightly sleep-deprived, but all the more reason for a simple photo post! Plus – we are moving into our new house this weekend, so I won’t have time to do a big post this week. Exciting times ahead!!

Anyway, on with the Christmas delights – it might not quite be New York, but Edinburgh pulls out all the stops anyway! ‘Tis the season!

Edinburgh's Christmas market, Scotland
Edinburgh Christmas markets

Starting with the Christmas markets! The markets have got bigger and bigger every year, which has caused both controversy and delight. Me? I love them, and really miss them this year!

Edinburgh Christmas market, Scotland
Edinburgh Christmas market, Scotland
Christmas markets by Scott Monument, Edinburgh, Scotland
Christmas markets, Edinburgh, Scotland

Moving on to the next best thing about Edinburgh at Christmas: The Dome!

The Dome at Christmas, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Dome is absolutely stunning, and in normal years you can go in for a drink, which is a great excuse for a peek at one of the best Christmas trees around.

Christmas tree in The Dome, Edinburgh, Scotland

The Dome is the height of opulence and extravagance.

The Dome, Edinburgh, Scotland
The Dome, Edinburgh, Scotland

This year, I think the Dome is even better than before – they’ve added Nutcrackers!

The Dome, Edinburgh, Scotland
The Dome, Edinburgh, Scotland

Just around the corner from the Dome is a place we visited a few weeks ago – and while I knew it was going to be incredible inside, I didn’t realise it was going to be so festive! The Scottish National Portrait Gallery certainly put us in a Christmas spirit with this display.

Scottish National Portrait Gallery, Edinburgh, Scotland

I’ve already mentioned Christmas At The Botanics – and it’s certainly one of my favourites! The botanic gardens plays host to an array of light attractions, with light shows on the glasshouse and a route full of colourful wonders.

The light tunnel is of course the star of the show. (I mean, how full-on Instagram can you get, right?)

Christmas At The Botanics, Edinburgh, Scotland
Christmas At The Botanics, Edinburgh, Scotland
Christmas At The Botanics, Edinburgh, Scotland

Back into the city centre, as we head to the pretty Rose Street, just off Princes Street.

Rose Street at Christmas, Edinburgh, Scotland

And along to Waverley, Edinburgh’s main train station.

Edinburgh Christmas tree

A few shops along Princes Street put on a good display as well. Last year, we finally (and for the last time, potentially) checked out the famous Jenners Christmas tree. I also found some shoes on sale for £650, so I think it’s safe to say I won’t be shopping there.

And seeing as we’re back on Princes Street, we appear to have come full circle, so here’s one more peek at the markets.

Edinburgh Christmas market, Scotland

So, have I put you in a Christmassy mood?! Are you gonna shuffle off now and blast some Mariah Carey or some Fairytale Of New York, or stick on some Home Alone or Muppets Christmas Carol?

I hope so, because goodness knows we need some magic in our lives at this point!

Anyway, whether you’re a Christmas cracker or the Grinch, I’ll catch you next time from OUR NEW HOUSE! Excited to introduce you to our new home. Have a magic-filled weekend!


14 thoughts on “A Festive Photo Friday: Christmas In Edinburgh

  1. Holy smokes! That light tunnel is dazzling; I’m dying to go under it for the experience (and the ‘Gram, haha)! I haven’t been to a Christmas market in two years (in Europe), and I dearly miss them. Hope you get to check out some that still remain in Edinburgh this year! Happy holidays, Clazz. 🙂


  2. Wow, how amazing is that light tunnel – love it! We do have Christmas lights here in South Africa, but nothing so big and spectacular as there by you in Edinburgh … but we do have lots and lots of ice-creams on the beach, because it’s full-blown summer here 😉
    Enjoy the move to your new house – exciting times 🌸🌸


  3. Thank you for sharing! I think we all need to post more of these blogs and share our Christmas cheer…I’ll see what I can dig up 🙂 Take care and have a happy holiday season!


  4. Edinburgh is magical at Christmastime. Can’t quite believe it’s been five years(!) since I was there – loved seeing the lights on the Royal Mile and the Christmas markets ☺️ Hope the move goes smoothly!


  5. So beautiful! You always make me want to come back up to Scotland 😍 Best of luck with the house move too!


  6. Wow! I had no idea Edinburgh got into such the festive spirit. I’ve never visited during the holidays. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Can’t wait to visit in person sometime!


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