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My Plans For 2019: Home, Abroad & Turning 30

2019 is going to be full of big plans. We'll be moving to a new city, hopefully permanently, and getting new jobs, hopefully permanent, and settling into an actual routine that resembles something of a normality for the first time ever - hopefully permanently! While I think I lived my 20's right, it was far… Continue reading My Plans For 2019: Home, Abroad & Turning 30

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Photo Friday: Lots Of Cute At Edinburgh Zoo

It's been a while since I've done a Photo Friday post! I need to make them a regular thing again. Let's kick it off with something you would never kick - cute animals! Zoos can be a point of contention, but Edinburgh Zoo is very much focused on its conservation efforts and that shows everywhere… Continue reading Photo Friday: Lots Of Cute At Edinburgh Zoo

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My Highlights Of Edinburgh

There's just something about Edinburgh. I can't quite put my finger on it. I don't know if it's the beautiful buildings on every street, or the cobblestone streets that instantly add character, or the wild and raw history of the city, or the wonderfully friendly people, or the atmospheric suburbs, or the endless things to… Continue reading My Highlights Of Edinburgh

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Five Cities, Six Buses, Two Trains, One Week: My UK Adventure

When I started planning this trip, I was only going to hit up Edinburgh to see one of my favourite bands and catch up with a few friends. A weekend turned into a "long weekend" when I thought it might be a good idea to take an earlier ferry just in case, and my plan… Continue reading Five Cities, Six Buses, Two Trains, One Week: My UK Adventure


Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: February Update

Hey guys! I have just returned from an epic week-long trip around the UK where I hit up Edinburgh, Dundee, Aberdeen, London and Sussex, saw one of my favourite bands, caught up with a whole bunch of friends, and acted like a tourist in places I've been a million times. It was a really great… Continue reading Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: February Update

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Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: January Update

We're at the end of the first month of 2017! It's gone quick, but I'm making a lot of headway with my 2017 challenges, so I thought I'd keep you up-to-date (this will keep me motivated too!). Make at least Β£50 extra per month on "side hustles" We've been pretty busy this month with my… Continue reading Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: January Update

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Weekend Wishlist: December Deals & Competitions

Happy weekend!Β And welcome back to my new feature of all the best travel deals and competitions I've seen! Since I made my last deals & comps post, I've had tons of competitions coming up on my Facebook, which only serves to provide YOU guys with more! But I've found some brilliant deals too, including Β£250… Continue reading Weekend Wishlist: December Deals & Competitions