I Didn’t Expect Bratislava To Be So Pretty

A couple of months before I found myself taking a detour through Bratislava on my way home from the Balkans, I watched EuroTrip for the first time. If you haven't seen this totally ridiculous, slapstick stupid American comedy, what were you even doing in the 00's? Me? I was listening to Scotty Doesn't Know, but… Continue reading I Didn’t Expect Bratislava To Be So Pretty


Surviving Dubrovnik – And Falling In Love With It

Alright, so I'm not gonna lie to you guys: I was a little apprehensive about Dubrovnik. Not only has it become one of the world's hottest tourist spots, which escalated exponentially thanks to Games Of Thrones, but it only flew onto the radar and into people's top spots within the last 10 years. That's a… Continue reading Surviving Dubrovnik – And Falling In Love With It


A Day In Dublin: How To Have Fun When You Don’t Like Guinness

Earlier this month, I finally made it to Ireland! It seems crazy that after jetting off all over the world, I have only just set foot on our neighbouring isle for the first time. I have to admit - I wasn't sure what to expect from Dublin, but it was definitely a city that took… Continue reading A Day In Dublin: How To Have Fun When You Don’t Like Guinness


12 First Impressions Of Ireland

I can't believe I had never been to Ireland. We just spent the weekend across the water exploring one of our closest neighbours and had an absolutely great time. I realise that it's ridiculous to write a blog post of first impressions (especially twelve of them) of a country that we spent two days in, but… Continue reading 12 First Impressions Of Ireland


#tbt: A Birthday Break To Greece

One thing Ash is absolutely passionate about when it comes to history is Greek mythology, so in the hunt for a birthday present a few years ago I naturally dug around for some cheap flights and treated him to a hotel break in the heart of Greek history: Athens! (am I the best girlfriend ever or… Continue reading #tbt: A Birthday Break To Greece

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Weekend Wishlist: December Deals & Competitions

Happy weekend! And welcome back to my new feature of all the best travel deals and competitions I've seen! Since I made my last deals & comps post, I've had tons of competitions coming up on my Facebook, which only serves to provide YOU guys with more! But I've found some brilliant deals too, including £250… Continue reading Weekend Wishlist: December Deals & Competitions