A Getaway In Galway, Ireland’s Colourful City

I felt an overwhelming sense of calm as we made our way across Ireland to the charming city of Galway. I knew I'd made the right decision - instead of a day over in Dublin, I'd planned out a full weekend to include Galway, too. The nice thing about Galway was that I had nothing… Continue reading A Getaway In Galway, Ireland’s Colourful City

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2018: My Year In Review

I can never really decide if I want to do a year in review post until it gets to Christmas and I suddenly realise the year's almost over and start looking back at what I've done, what's happened and thinking about what's going to happen. 2018 has been a really strange year for me. I… Continue reading 2018: My Year In Review

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My Summer Travel Playlist

If you know anything about me, it should be this: outside of travel, my main love is music. Honestly, I'm possibly even happier in a crowd singing along to a great song at a gig than I am when I'm getting on a plane. (Okay, it's close.) I'm a rock chick at heart - although… Continue reading My Summer Travel Playlist

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#tbt: That Time We Went to Europe to See a Band

It's our sixth anniversary on Tuesday, so I thought I'd write a post on Ash and I's first trip abroad together. I'd like to think of it as a poignant moment ofΒ our relationship - we actually planned it before we even got together; it's partly what brought us together, and the band is the whole… Continue reading #tbt: That Time We Went to Europe to See a Band