10 Fun Facts & Observations About Lewis & Harris

Can you believe I still have things to write about Lewis & Harris?! After our trip in August, we have firmly fallen in love with the place, and I've written pretty extensively about our visit. (A little too extensively, according to a couple of people, but a thorough guide isn't always a bad thing, right?)… Continue reading 10 Fun Facts & Observations About Lewis & Harris


Four Islands, One Epic Weekend On The Isle Of Mull

After a wonderful trip a few weeks ago, I have some important news: the Isle Of Mull might just be my new favourite place in Scotland! As with most trips this summer, our trip to Mull was fairly spontaneous, and although I was looking forward to seeing what Scotland's fourth largest island had to offer,… Continue reading Four Islands, One Epic Weekend On The Isle Of Mull

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50 Photos To Make You Want To Visit Orkney

Oh, Orkney. While visitors to these remote islands in Scotland are rapidly increasing year on year, in the online travel circles and particularly the blogging world, my home island of Orkney remains seriously overlooked. And yet I don't understand why. Is it because we don't have Instagrammable mountains? Is it because our beaches aren't quite… Continue reading 50 Photos To Make You Want To Visit Orkney

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Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: March Update

Well guys, we're suddenly a week into April and time is whizzing away from me, so it's about time I did my March update! March was a real up and down month for me. It started off on a high as I was in London, and ended on a high because I started a new… Continue reading Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: March Update

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Why You Should Visit Orkney

Welcome to my 100th post on An Orcadian Abroad! What better way to celebrate than by writing about my own home town - the reason behind the name of my blog? Orkney is hideously overlooked when it comes to Scottish islands, particularly amongst travel bloggers, so it's about time someone shone a light onto it.… Continue reading Why You Should Visit Orkney