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2021 Challenges (oh yes, I’m doing it)

I'm sure you'll all agree with me when I say the best word to describe how I feel about 2021 is apprehensive. Normally in my yearly round-up posts, I set out some goals for what I want to achieve in the upcoming year. And while I touched on some goals, they were general goals; not… Continue reading 2021 Challenges (oh yes, I’m doing it)

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2019: My Year In Review

2019 has been all about the next huge step of our lives. It's been about accepting the end of long-term travel adventures and embracing the new adventure of finding our forever home. For us, it was always going to be Edinburgh. We've been low-key planning to move to Edinburgh for pretty much the past decade… Continue reading 2019: My Year In Review

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Photo Friday: 40 Amazing Views From The NC500 Road Trip In Scotland

"I can't believe how many mountains there are in Scotland!" my friend squealed as we turned another corner to yet another amazing view. The North Coast 500 had blown both of us away - my friend, because she hadn't visited Scotland outside of Edinburgh and had no idea how beautiful it all is; and me,… Continue reading Photo Friday: 40 Amazing Views From The NC500 Road Trip In Scotland

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I’ve Still Never Used Airbnb – Here’s Why

Airbnb has been receiving a lot of press recently, and not all of it is good. In fact, I would go as far as to say notΒ much of it has been good at all. I remember when Airbnb first started. Bloggers quickly began gushing about the experiences they'd had in someone's home, and soon all… Continue reading I’ve Still Never Used Airbnb – Here’s Why


A Day Wandering Beautiful Vienna

When I think of visiting Austria, I don't necessarily think of Vienna. I think of Salzburg and the Sound Of Music, or the Alpine city of Innsbruck, or more recently, the phenomenally pretty town of Hallstatt (if you don't know it, I suggest you google it immediately). Meanwhile, my mum, as seldom as she ever… Continue reading A Day Wandering Beautiful Vienna

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On Blog Awards (Plus I’ve Been Nominated!)

Over the past couple of years, I've been nominated for a handful of those circulating blogger awards (Liebster, Sunshine, and Versatile blogger, to name a few). Most bloggers don't take them seriously - and they shouldn't - but it's still nice to be recognised by fellow bloggers who enjoy your work (and also nice to… Continue reading On Blog Awards (Plus I’ve Been Nominated!)

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My Top 10 Favourite Cities

As an island girl who was raised on a farm and rarely visited anywhere larger than Aberdeen as a child, I'm not much of a city person. Things have clearly changed, given that I've lived in two cities in the past year, but still - give me a mountain or island any day, or even… Continue reading My Top 10 Favourite Cities


Photo Friday: The Colours Of Utah

It's been a while since I've done a photo post - but Utah is so full of photogenic spots that this one was always on the cards. Plus there are plenty of places we saw or passed that haven't made it into other blog posts. Utah is one of my favourite US states. Sometimes I… Continue reading Photo Friday: The Colours Of Utah

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Taking Time Out Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

It's a beautiful day outside, and here I am sat in my living room with no intention of going out. Say whaaaaaat? I'm sure most people would think, "yeah, so what?" rather than "say what" but if you know anything about me, it's that I'm not very good at doing nothing. But of course I'm… Continue reading Taking Time Out Isn’t Always A Bad Thing

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Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: May Update

Woah, what the hell happened to you, May? After a manic April, you were supposed to beΒ calm, collected and chilled out. I planned to slow down a bit - I wasn't getting many shifts at my second job, so I was able to utilise days off to explore and catch up. Fast forward to a… Continue reading Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: May Update