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Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: July Update

Aaaaand it's already August. I feel like this is a running theme for my monthly updates, but it's true! Considering how little I've actually achieved in the past month, I can't believe how quickly it's gone. And so, without further ado... my successes and failures bared to all. Make £50 £100 on side hustles As… Continue reading Clazz’s 2017 Challenges: July Update

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Oh Australia… You and Your Crazy Adverts

TV adverts in the UK are getting slowly more ridiculous, but within our first day in Australia, I discovered that we have some serious competition to beat. Here's a selection of some of the craziest adverts I've seen so far, Aussie style! Budget Direct Insurance This is the kind of advert I can see being… Continue reading Oh Australia… You and Your Crazy Adverts