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Oh Australia… You and Your Crazy Adverts

TV adverts in the UK are getting slowly more ridiculous, but within our first day in Australia, I discovered that we have some serious competition to beat.

Here’s a selection of some of the craziest adverts I’ve seen so far, Aussie style!

Budget Direct Insurance

This is the kind of advert I can see being shown in the UK. (Moneysupermarket, anyone?) But either way, the advert is ridiculous! And also kind of awesome.

Coles MasterCard

You know what, this deserves two videos.

I have literally never seen anyone so happy about credit cards.

Hyundai Tucson

I’d let you try to guess what this advert is for, but the title says it.

We all know car adverts are pretty ridiculous, but let’s break this one down (no pun intended). What the hell does a woman smacking a snake have anything to do with it?! And why is she getting dressed in the middle of the forest anyway?!? AND WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH A CAR?!?? Does the car attack snakes? Does it like getting naked in the forest? It literally tells us nothing!


Okay, it’s a man riding some singing horses as a completely understandable metaphor for how easy it is to use the company. What more do you need for an insurance advert? (another Moneysupermarket-esque ad)

AHM Health Insurance

One of the first adverts we saw in Australia…! Yup, this is so us. / any relationship. / if your relationship isn’t like this, you’ve found a good one.


A payday loan advert, featuring a man bunny and some disturbing shower singing. And some doves. Let’s not forget the doves.

One of the most stupid adverts, however, I can’t find online. There’s plenty of information, but no videos or even pictures – surprising for an advert that plays almost every ad break. If you’ve watched any amount of Australian TV, you’ll probably know what I mean when I say Wallet Wizard.

A man sheepishly walks in to tell his wife that he’s accidentally laminated the cat. She despairingly wails, ‘not again, where will we get the money?’ Cue a spandex super-hero breaking out of a cupboard dramatically and announcing that he, Wallet Wizard, will save the day!

In my quest to find the advert, I instead came across this equally amazing article. PEOPLE HAVE ACTUALLY COMPLAINED ABOUT THE ADVERT ON GROUNDS OF PROMOTING ANIMAL CRUELTY. People THINK IT IS POSSIBLE TO LAMINATE A CAT.

Every day, I discover that you, my dear Australia, are more crazy than I thought.

In fact, it’s not just TV ads.



Oh, alright. It’s not even just adverts.


Australia… you crazy.

Does anyone have a video of the Wallet Wizard ad?

What other ads in Australia should be on this list?


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