Photo Friday: The Alleyways Of Dubrovnik

I think I made it pretty clear in my last post that I LOVED Dubrovnik. I especially loved exploring the narrow streets, and every alley is so picturesque that I ended up taking a lot of photos!

In fact, I wanted to put together an entire post dedicated to the alleyways of Dubrovnik. Here are some of my favourites!

Alley way, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alley way, Dubrovnik, Croatia

I also loved all the lantern signs!

Alley way, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alley way, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alley way, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alley way, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alley way, Dubrovnik, Croatia

Alleyway, Dubrovnik, Croatia

And although I’ve done quite well at avoiding the crowds, here’s one with a few more people in – but look at that staircase! I did not go up it, we have enough of those in Edinburgh.


If this doesn’t make you fall in love with Dubrovnik’s old town, I don’t know what will.

This is probably the shortest “blog post” I’ve ever done, but I’ll be continuing my blog journey around the Balkans in the next couple of days with some incredible views around Montenegro!

Until then!

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11 thoughts on “Photo Friday: The Alleyways Of Dubrovnik

  1. I love alleyways and probably would take the same photos as you if I was there. I did poke around some of the alleys/closes in Edinburgh, but didn’t have nearly enough time to explore them properly. Lerwick has lanes which are basically steep, narrow alleyways and I love those too though they look very different to these in Dubrovnik.

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